Monday, December 12, 2011

The year is ending with lots of changes! This whole year has been filled with lots of memories overall. Some great (London with my LitlBit) and some drama (isn't family always dramatic though). So, why would I think it would end on anything less that a note of change?! My first change is with my job. I am now in Administration! It is official as of last week when I moved into my new little space in the world! Prime real estate on "Capitol Hill" on campus! I cannot wait until spring when the crepe myrtles bloom outside of my window! At first I was sad to leave my old space and area. I had been there for six years. I liked the people I worked with. "Capitol Hill" as I refer to my current building is not known for its frivolity to say the least! However, I am learning to love it. Also, learning that it is by God's grace I am here. He knew I needed this particular change. In a way he answered a prayer I did not know I had a the time! I am now in a higher position and can get more achieved. To make matters even better, the idea of a JD is not so far off now! I learned that a case could be made that it benefits my job! I am seriously going to look into that and take the LSAT this summer. So yes, God's grace has put me exactly where I am and I am so very thankful! My next source of change is.......LitlBit is going to be a big sister in June! June 11, 2012 to be exact! LitlBit is beyond excited about having a little brother or little sister! We always had said we would wait until she was in kindergarten before deciding on a second. Here we are! Right now I am 14 weeks along and life is good. Hardly any morning sickness at all the 1st trimester. As I told a friend...I thought about the toilet a lot but never met it! That is a major accomplishment compared to when I was pregnant with LitlBit! Headaches and morning sickness plagued the first 12 weeks! This one not so much. I am now officially in trimester 2 and coasting right along! LItlBit is so sweet too. She makes sure that mommy is drinking plenty of water (she knows I hate water)! We find out the week I leave for London if it is a girl or a boy. I have my guesses, as does everyone else, but we shall see then! Overall, life is going pretty well. Have not heard from the half-sister. I suppose her pregnancy is going well. Kind of sad that the kids will be so close in age but will probably never know each other. Really sad actually. Most people that I talk to about it say the same thing. They tell me that it is obviously not my loss as I have attempted to do the right thing and simply be nice. The cycle most certainly will not end. The kids will one day find out the other exists and the cycle repeats instead of beginning a new and positive future. I can't say I am shocked though. No. Not at all. On another note, Christmas is here! LitlBit is excited! Not sure if Santa has a clue as to what to bring. I can say with certainty her list is not one Santa is looking at right now! So far it consists of three things...a horse, cat, and dog. Seeing that we have a cat and two dogs those are knocked off. I am thinking home owner's will have an issue with a horse in the backyard so strike out that one too! She simply will not give more ideas! Trying hard to come up with ideas! Overall life is busy, busy, busy! Between job, baby, LitlBit, Christmas...sometimes I wonder how it all fits! But it does. It does because it is as it is supposed to be!